Give Back

In the Spring of 2019 RW partnered with two Seattle non-profit organizations, The Block Project and Facing Homelessness, on an aggressive and creative endeavor to combat the homeless crisis in Seattle. The BLOCK Project invites community into the task of ending homelessness by placing a BLOCK Home in the backyard of one single-family lot on every residentially zoned block within the City of Seattle. Each 125 sq ft home is beautifully designed to be off-grid, self-sufficient, and amenity-rich (featuring a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area, solar-panels, greywater system, composting toilet, etc.).

We partnered together with Youth Care in the fall of 2017. Caring for homeless and disadvantaged youth is the primary focus of this organization. For 3 days, RW Anderson homes was able to completely overhaul the entire landscaping of the property–adding a workout area, picnic tables, flower boxes and a fence around the entire property. It was a privilege to come alongside this organization and serve these kids and hopefully let them know they are cared for in some small way.

In the fall of 2016, RW Anderson Homes made its way up to Malibu Canada to work for 4 days on a Camp for high school kids. For over 80 years Malibu has been a special place for so many. We had the honor of working in the offseason to make improvements all over the property (drywall, framing, demolition). It was perhaps one of our best trips to date. Many of the wives came along which made this trip extra special.

New Beginnings is a home for unwed mothers who are struggling to get back on their feet. In the fall of 2015, RW Anderson Homes had the opportunity to build one complete home for a Mother and her son. It’s amazing how quickly a home can be built with 35 guys and a serious time constraint! The end product was a success and was truly a blessing to this organization. We were lucky to be part of it!

RW Anderson had the privilege of partnering with Union Gospel Mission to completely renovate a home for teens. Building decks, tiling bathrooms, installing kitchen cabinets and a complete landscape overhaul were just a few of the things we were able accomplish over the course of 3 days. Union Gospel is a highly esteemed organization serving the poor and disadvantaged in Seattle area. We were thrilled to come alongside such a great organization.

Whether it is laying bricks in the heat of Africa or staying awake until 3 a.m. to finish a kitchen remodel in Mississippi, RW Anderson  considers it a privilege and a civic responsibility to give back. The company annually travels with a non-profit organization, either domestically or abroad, and completes a week-long work trip to provide skills, time and finances for people and places in need.

In 2007, RW Anderson Homes built a dormitory for a young girls’ school in Uganda, and in 2008, the company completely remodeled a home in Jackson, Mississippi for a single mother of three. However, the beneficiaries of these projects are not the only ones who received something.

The company is looking forward to many more work trips in the coming years. Giving back allows the company to learn more lessons than the normal workday often provides. We grow together and as individuals by gaining insight to a different part of the world and its needs.

We leave with an experience that not only positively changed the lives of people helped, but also changed our own. Meeting a sixteen year old with four children in Mississippi or witnessing people in Africa live in poverty but exude joy are powerful moments, and RW Anderson is grateful for the opportunity to learn from them.